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Hello everyone and welcome to this review of lucky days yet. In this review we look at the legitimacy of this online store and help all those who may be wondering whether they are fake or not. If you buy from this site there are high chances of getting a counterfeit item as this site is not really selling Nike Air Max shoes. Looking for legit airas shoes or cheap ones? You may have to look elsewhere. So for all those with questions such as what is Luckydays.shop, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad online store below is the truth you want to know about the site before you buy from them.


The truth about what is Luckydays.shop

Luckydays.shop is a new online store that may be mistaken to be selling Nike sneakers. If you look closer at this site you will realise that they are selling only counterfeits of Nike Air Max and nothing that is close to it except in shape and out look. If you need a legit shoe you may have to go buy from a trusted online store and not these facebook ads. You may have had already realised that the sneakers are written “Nike” instead of Nike and have no Nike logo anywhere on them.

And as reported by Scamzeroed.com the site is using facebook to advertise their so called Nike shoes. Good thing about this site is that they have not used a real original Nike shoe to advertise their fake Nike so if you buy, it may not be their problem at all. Do not buy Nike sneakers from any of of the fake sites that have been advertising their products on facebook and instagram and have been claiming to be legit because most of them are scammers and a few of them like these ones are just legit counterfeit stores selling fake products. Below are some of the reasons and red flags why you should not buy Nike sneakers from the site mentioned.


Red flag signs

Firstly as we have already mentioned the products or shoes that are being sold are counterfeits of Nike sneakers and not really Nike sneakers. So if you buy and do get lucky enough to get them then be sure to get some items and these won’t last for long and are not made of the best of quality. Apart from that the price itself does suggest that the product being sold is a cheap one and definitely cannot be compared to real Nike sneakers which may have to be a little bit on the expensive side. Luckydays.shop is also a new online store and is actually too new to be trusted.



If you are looking for legit and real quality online sneakers they definitely won’t be going for 19 bucks or 20 bucks and definitely won’t be on luckydays.shop. If you buy from Luckydays.shop you will most likely get some fake and low quality sneakers, they are not real Nike and if you have more questions regarding what is Luckydays.shop please leave a comment in the section below.

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