Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Nike Sock dart. We have spent quite some time looking up what the reviewers and other buyers and users of the shoe have had to say about this cute Nike sneaker. The Nike sock dart was first released in 2004 through merging the Huarache and Kyrie lines. It is a flexible shoe fitting all foot shapes. The strap on top offers support and being adjustable you can adjust it to the point where you feel most comfortable. It is a stylish, sporty shoe ideal training as well as casual wear and usually recommended for running.

Sock dart is available in over 40 colourways at prices ranging between $70 – $141. Nike sock dart kjcrd and Nike sock dart Se are some of the Nike sock dart shoes in the lower price range at $70 each. In the upper price range you will find Nike sock dart such as Nike sock dart safari red released in May 2017 and going for $140. Also on the upper price is Nike sock dart women’s N7 released in June 2017 at $130.



Different colours depict different appearances. A shoe that may not be appealing to you in pink may appear so differently in blue. A shoe like Nike sock dart with so many colourways available is more appealing in more ways than one as compared to a shoe available in only one or a few colours but I’m sure you will find something in the collection that will male your heart tick.



There are other shoes which share similar features as Nike’s sock dart but none that would make a person doubt whether it’s a sock dart or not, and uniqueness a standout quality. The sock dart is quite a stylish shoe that other people would recommend for fashion wear but it all goes down do how you see and your taste in fashion.



Light weight, breathable, supportive, comfortable and flexible is how I would describe a Nike sock dart shoe. It is one of those shoes you can wear without socks and feel as comfortable as if you were even though putting in socks would save you getting smell troubles. A very good choice if you require a daily training shoe. On the other hand it’s good looking features offer you a perfect shoe to blend with your casual wear giving you a classic look. The sneaker is not really recommended for hard core training like mountain hikes and the like as they may easily give in and get torn if exposed to too rigid conditions.



Consumer reviews



●Most consumers like that it is an easy on and off shoe meaning that you can easily put it on and definitely it is not hard to take off as u just have to slip it on.


●A lot of reviewers mentioned that the shoe’s appealing look makes it a great shoe for taking walks or going to the gym and I agree on that


●The mesh used in making the shoe is lightweight and breathable so makes it easier to run and more reliable on hot days to keep you a little less heated


●Users appreciate that the shoe is available in so many colourways and you are bound to find just the perfect one for you but I think they are more appealing in daro colours like gray and black and dark blue


●Numerous comments indicated that the shoe fits as expected and good thing is they stretch but some have recommended picking half a size smaller if your foot ain’t that big

●A number of users said Nike sock dart is affordable considering the brand of the shoe and comparing with most Nike sneakers it’s price is quite on the affordable side.




●The shoe is expensive according to some comments

●The price is too high according to some reviews

● There is also need to be sure which sneaker size you put on before putting in an order because size is always an issue especially when buying online and if you have a wide feet it is wise to buy at least half a size bigger.



Nike sock dart is a great line in the Nike family especially since it’s remodification in 2015. The shoe has over 90% vote from consumers, evidence that they are satisfied. And the majority of the rating is 4.5 out of 5 with a significant 5 star rating.




Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3



Features and Pros

-The first thing you will note about this sneaker is that it is expensive, a whole lot more expensive than Nike sock dart. Current price a pair is $151.97, and it used to be a $190 so keep your fingers crossed it might lower again as these sneaker prices are always subject to change you may even find them at half price once in a while.


-It is a good shoe and some runners have stated that it lasts long and is more durable

-Has a good appearance and so is fit also for casual wear and comes along with some great quality attached to the price.



-A number of trainers have pointed out that it is not an ideal training shoe at all, they stated that it easily falls apart so I suggest that you keep it in simple training and you get an aunthetic one from legit stores.

-The price has been viewed by many as too high but given the brand name and quality given this can actually be justified.




Whilst Nike Air VapourMax flyknit 3 is very expensive for a shoe that ranks so low as a training shoe i recommens that you go for the sock dart instead. On the other hand it is a satisfactory casual shoe and by considering this some might say it is worth it’s price and more appealing than the Sock dart. I would recommend that you do test the sock dart if you want a running shoe or have a limited budget but you can make the vopour max flyknit your first choice if casual wear is all you are looking for.

Have a Nikey day

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