The Nike Lunar force 1 duckboot is a great and good sneaker designed for cold and rain weather. The shoe is waterproof and the water-repellant leather used to make the shoe is top grade in terms of quality and every aspect. Lunar force 1 is a warm sneaker and with it you can never go wrong in the cold, snow or rain. It is also a good indoor footwear. It is very expensive at a price of $170 a pair but worth the price as increasing number of buyers have shown.


When talking about footwear, appearance is of major concern as it contributes to the comfort cause you won’t feel real comfortable when the shoe you have on doesn’t look so good. The features of a shoe determine whether the buyer would want to be seen wearing the item and Nike doesn’t usually make awful looking shoes, I do not know about you but I would not want to be seen wearing some funny, ugly shoe and I believe you concur.

Even with it’s high price tag Lunar force 1 is a highly demanded shoe and it’s features and good looks are a leading factor to this end. It is more appealing in darker colours like brown, navy and black. The looks of the shoe are clearly not the most outstanding like the Nike Air Max 90 flyknit or the Bauhaus but this one is quite on the chilled side, the looks are humble but very desirable.


The material used in the making of a shoe defines how long it will last, which also depends on how well you treat the shoe. Since durability distinguishes between real and fake a long-lasting shoe is what we all search for to avoid getting anything less legit make sure you get the product from Nike where you are guaranteed legitimacy. Nike’s lunar force 1 is made of top grade leather and which is not only guaranteed to be waterproof by word of mouth but proven. With this evidence Lunar force 1 is definitely a good quality shoe but still like any other good quality hoes needs to be taken well care of.

Where is the sneaker appropriate

The shoe is much more appropriate as casual wear and is a warm one so you may need to avoid it on warmer days and try something cool and breathable or your feet could burn up. For muddy or dirty environments pick a dark colour for your pair. It blends in well with jeans and jeggings as well. Fashion is getting crazier by the day but I don’t think this would be appropriate for formal wear but you know people will always surprise you (please don’t).

The Latest release

In the latest versions of Nike’s lunar force 1, a new method of cushioning was applied and is expected to be adopted in future versions, the cushioning is called lunarion. It is said to be more comfortable than previous cushioning and Nike hasn’t had much to add from the previous versions except a few designs so if any you may choose from the available ones am from the offered colours.

Reasons to buy a pair include:

●The majority of users commented that the shoe fits perfectly, but that just depends on how good you are at picking a size, if you have wide feet choosing a half bigger size would be recommended.

●Some buyers said that the shoe is light in weight. For get about the thing looking heavy, it really doesn’t feel heavy at all according to those who have bought it.

●Most consumers said that the Lunar force 1 is a stylish winter boot. As simple as it looks the Duckboot is perfect when put on with consideration to what clothes you have on.

●Other users complimented the shoe for withstanding harsh conditions and work. Nike has always done a great job in making durable shoes and this is actually what makes them the hit shoe maker of the century.

●Other users highly recommend the shoe because “dirt barely sticks on the material” and they are also easier to clean because of the material they are made of

●Numerous reviewers commented that the shoe is very durable but hopefully you don’t use this as a go ahead to go abuse the shoe because you will lose it if you want boots for hard core labour go for gum boots.

Reasons not to buy a pair include:

●Quite a notable number of buyers branded the shoe as very expensive calling the $170 price tag unaffordable but I’m sure the pricing was set quite above others for a reason

●A few users said that the material on the shoe “wears off” easily and I’m not sure if these all bought from Nike but it’s something we should not forget to mention

●Other users mentioned without complaint that the sneaker is “slippy” on smooth wet surfaces so you will just need to watch your step sometimes


Nike’s lunar force 1 has clearly succeeded in satisfying consumers in terms of comfort, light weight, durability and style, as confirmed by the long lists of positive reviews. Nonetheless, complaints and claims by the few should not be ignored but looked into for the betterment of future versions.

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