Are you looking for the best Nike cleats for lacrosse? This is a sport shoe with a design inspired by an ancient sport which is played using lacrosse sticks hence the name huarache lacrosse cleats. A most appropriate description of the shoe would be “firm”. Nike Huarache lacrosse cleats prices range from as low as $46.41 to $120. Huarache lacrosse cleat is just an umbrella term for the cleats we will be reviewing here and under it falls a lot of fine cleats by Nike.

The cleats are for sportswear and you don’t  want to be seen wearing them for casual wear. Below are some of the cleats for lacrosse and the information you would want to know about them before choosing which one is the most suitable for you. The Nike Huarache Lacrosse  cleats are listed as some of the best cleats for lacrosse.

Nike Alpha huarache 6 Elite lax


Nike Alpha Huarache 6  elite  lax is available in different colours and has a $110.97 price tag on it making it one of the highly priced huarache lacrosse cleat shoe. You can rely on these when it comes to traction and this is a common positive review from tjose who have owned these cleats. Side to side movements are made easier by the side walls  of the shoe. Apart from negative review claiming that the cleats didnt last long te rest of the reviewers as at date of review have claimed this is the best cleats they have ever owned even though they are a bit pricy they are definitely worth it and the common word for describing these i noticed was “Great.”


Nike Alpha huarache 7

This one is for the young ones and costs only $55. It is also available in different colours . For kids sports wear this is a good choice with extra cushioning for maximum comfort. These cleats have been made in such a way that the traction is described as incredible they really do allow for great speeds and easy braking. In terms of quality Nike never disappoints am even though no review has said anything about the quality these will no doubt be one of the best cleats you can get for your kid.


Nike vapour speed 2

The Nike vapour speed 2 is for men only. You will find it in black or white for a price of $74 and I’m  sure there are other colours available by now. The only concern raised was about the size, reviewer said the cleats were too small and this is something common so you want to make sure you get the right size for you. Users have also said the cleats give great speed and overall the shoe got a 5 star rating from reviewers. The price isn’t bad either and as long as you buy them from Nike then you won’t get disappointed when it comes to durability and quality.


Nike Alpha huarache 6 Varsity

Like many other Nike Huarache cleats this is also available in number of different colours.. The shoe is a little higher from the ground than other huarache lacrosse cleats and priced only at $67.97. Look taller and feel good with this exquisite cleat. There doesn’t seem to be any complaints against the product and only concerns are regarding the size of the cleats so you want to be careful to pick the right size and good thing is you can opt for returns when size runs too small or too big.


Nike Alpha huarache 6 elite turf LAX


Thie Nike Alpha Huarache 6 elite turf LAX is a good tennis like shoe with well fixed laces for a price of 93.97. Mainly found on 2 colours available black and white. The traction like all other Nike cleats is aggressive and the shoe is light as well allowing greater speed as well. Even though it looks a little different from the rest of the Nike cleats it is just s durable and a good quality product, light and supportive.  Not much has been said about this Nike but the few reviews are positive and encouraging.


Nike vapour Varsity low turf LAX

These falls in the same appearance group as Nike Alpha huarache 6 elite turf LAX but the former is higher and the latter lower. Don’t let the looks deceive you into thinking they are for casual wear the Nike is just as good for sports as the above cleats we have reviewed. The shoe is mainly available in black and goes for a reasonable $70.


Reasons to buy the cleats listed include:

●The majority of users say they are light in weight and hence good for speed

●Some commented that the making of the shoe makes them breathable and keeps feet cool when training

●Some trainers said that the cleats keep them stable

●It is a comfortable shoe for lacrosse according to some users

●It is an affordable group of shoes compared to the rest of Nike’s shoes  as many reviews have indicated and you may also know

●Others compliment that the lacrosse huarache  cleats are stylish and fashionable

●The cleats may also be worn as a baseball or soccer cleats

●According to other users it is very comfortable when running


Reasons not to buy:

●The cleat bordering is too tight and the shoes narrow as said by very few users who suggested that half a size bigger ones would be good.

■Nike’s huarache lacrosse cleat is a nice line of shoe. Apart from being used for lacrosse the shoe is appropriate when playing soccer or baseball while the tennis versions are even considered for casual by others. Incorporating nature in the making of clothing is quite common but quite rare in the case of shoes which makes the huarache lacrosse cleats a unique kind. Over the years the huarache lacrosse cleat line has proven time and again that it is capable of creating a new cleat shoe with a different touch. And if you want to experience the unique feeling just get yourself a pair, those who have bought some would highly recommend you to.


6 Replies to “Nike Huarache Lacrosse Cleats : Nike’s Lacrosse cleats collectireview”

  1. The nike alpha huarache 5 looks like a good pick but i have a certain problem. It looks pretty cheap and im wondering if it’d be good for soccer because i want to buy it for my brother who goes to training every evening. Since you say reviewers say it is long-lasting, its a very good thing but id like it you can confirm that. Thanks

    1. Hello Henderson
      When it comes to cleats Nike has got some real good quality and long lasting shoes. Anyways everything depends on whose hands it is but overally the shoe is a good one and has been rated as one of the best cleats Nike has made and realky can last long. I’m sure if you buy from Nike you can get a guarantee and return it if it disappoints real quick.

  2. It seems Nike has been working really hard to give the athletic world a stylish line of quality footwear. This article almost makes me want to play lacrosse, and I don’t even know how. The Alpha Huarache 6 elite turf Lax is a sweet looking shoe. I wouldn’t have even known it’s a cleat if you hadn’t called it such. Shoe technology has developed exponentially in the last couple of decades. I can remember in the ’80s when Nike was just another sneaker; we called them all tennis-shoes. Thanks for sharing this awesome information!

  3. Thank you for your review on Nike Huarache Lacrosse Shoes. From what I see they all look great and from what you listed of the cons I think the pros trump them 10 times. I have always been a Nike fan and I am sure that their product will not disappoint me. The Alpha Huarache 7 is definitely my niece style and comfort and for only $55 that is totally worth it. 


  4. The price tag for these shoes are quite encouraging. I just love how the Nike Alpha Huarache is simple in design yet looks complicated at the same time. Love that is quite affordable too! The good thing about cleat shoes for me is that there is the possibility of braking when you are just about to slide all the way to the ground. I wouldn’t want the kids to  wear any  other shoes apart from these types during their sporting activities. I totally agree that any Nike shoe is of great quality. Thank you for these great suggestions.

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