About the shoe

The Nike Air Max TN is an athletic sports shoe first released in 1998. The shoe which is also known as Nike air max plus has been dynamic in it’s construction for the past twenty years. Air max tn is a nature inspired construction featuring the sky, the wind, the water, a whale and palm trees as sketched and designed by Sean McDowell. Materials used in constructing the shoe consists of synthetic textile and rubber sole. It is a very comfortable sneaker with a foot locker to the ground.



Air max tn’s features has you covered if looking good is your primary objective. The shoe is colorful, its attributes are more reflective as one would see. It is adorable just to set your eyes upon and as is common knowledge good-looking items make you look good as well. You will find it in a variety of colorways such as purple, black, white, red, orange and blue which is the most dominant for this shoe.



With sports shoes quality might mean a different combination of factors altogether as compared to casual shoes. A flexible sneaker that provides stability is a good quality sports shoe. Nike air max tn’s foot lock is a major breakthrough in athletic footwear providing extra flexibility and stability hence it is a high quality shoe.


Where is the sneaker appropriate

Nike’s air max tn does perfectly well as mostly as sportswear, for any other purposes it might fit depending on the circumstances but such instances are very few. Not to forget the fact that the shoe is well appreciated as a casual shoe because of it’s stunning looks.

Latest releases

The latest air max tn has black, gold and red merged together and the price is quite high a pair costs $160. It is yet to be released but at the moment an official date has not been announced. From the look of it the sneaker is going to rank high, look it up online and if you like it keep an ear out for the release date. New versions of this Nike keep getting produced and mainly the changes are in colour.

As a hit sneaker in 2019 the shoe is likely going to be getting lots of people buying it for a couple of years ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the things that users have had to say about the Nike TN.


Reasons to buy a pair include:

●Are you all about comfort and wouldn’t settle for nothing short of that? A lot of buyers say they find the shoe very comfortable and looks like it from it’s appearance as well so no need to worry about that.

●Most complaints when it comes to buying shoes are mainly about shoes not accommodating narrow feet. Quite a handful of buyers commented that the shoe is a perfect fit so no need to worry about getting a size too small or having narrow feet.

●Looks always contribute when choosing a shoe to buy and even I wouldn’t settle for a durable and comfortable yet ugly shoe. Most reviewers stated that it is a good-looking shoe and I’m sure you too agree with that fact

●A number of users mentioned that the sneaker offers good support to their feet so fits well when in the track

●Great quality shoes aren’t always about being heavy. Many users said they like the shoe for its light weight and this is something Nike has always been appreciated for as Nike shoes were always made for the track in the beginning.


Reasons not to buy a pair include:

●A buyer said the shoe was not easy to break in to and they had to try it on a number of times before it fit. This is most likely a matter of choosing the right size.

●A few other users explained how their shoes got easily worn off so just to be safe you need to take good care of it.

Buyer’s guide

Now there are a lot of Nike shoes that are being sold out there and many online stores that are selling Nike shoes including this Nike air Max TN. If you are going to buy you may want to be sure you are buying from legit sites and trusted suppliers. Most cheap Nike sneakers being sold are actually imitation shoes and these can be found at real affordable prices as low as $25 and don’t let that trick you into buying done fake and sometimes scam sites.


Choosing of right size

Now I’ve often noticed how many people after having bought their good quality shoes on Amazon or Nike realize that they have bought a size that is too small and have to go through the process of returning the shoe to get another size. Not to worry too much because Nike and Amazon suppliers will let you do that but to save your time this is what you may have to do.

Note that this isn’t really a common complaint on the Nike TN shoe and if you are really sure about your shoe size like I am I would straight away go for a man’s size 7 but if you are not sure you may want to go for half a size bigger size especially if its about having wide feet. Not a must but just a tip for those who aren’t sure about their shoe sizes.


Final Say

The majority of users are happy with it and some are even considering buying a second pair of a different color whilst the first one is still intact. Would I recommend you to buy a pair of Nike’s air max tn? Yes, I would but of course do not forget to consider some of the complaints stated above from others who have bought this Nike product for they are as helpful as the reasons You may want to buy. Overally Nike air max TN has been a satisfactory product and one of Nike’s best Nike sneakers of all time. You may also like the NIKE FLYKNIT 270 BAUHAUS. To get your pair of Nike Air Max TN check the best price at Amazon and don’t forget to leave a review.

Have a Nike day

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