Hello and welcome to our review of the Penny 1 Nike. In this review we are going to be looking at the pros and cons that you would expect from the shoe. We have taken some time to look at what those who have bought the Nike Air Max Penny 1 have had to say about the shoe and this is a round up and overall review of this sneaker which is suitable for both basketball and casual wear. If you have any questions about the Nike that you think has not been answered in this review please leave your questions in the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Basketball is a well-loved sport, it involves a lot of dips, dives, turns and landing. The nature of the game is fast and can be harsh, and only a good and durable shoe can see you through. The Nike air max penny 1 basketball shoe was first released in 1996, a pinstriped version of the shoe was released in August 2018. Inspiration as to the design of the shoe is said to have been drawn from the 1996 Olympic games. Although blue and black are the most dominant, Nike’s air max penny 1 is available in many colorways. It has a lock that supports and stabilizes your feet.


Users of the shoe have said the following:



●It is stylish and comfortable according to many users and from the looks no doubt the shoe dressed appropriately will get heads turning your way.

●A handful of users said that the shoe’s cushioning is supportive and also provides genuine comfort.

●Users commented that the shoe is true to size this means you won’t have to worry about the size being too big but obviously you need to make sure you pick the right size for you to avoid any disappointments.

●The foot lock feature has been considered by customers as good quality



●Some users claim the shoe is big in size while other users say it is smaller so as I have already mentioned make sure you know what your size is of not sure you can contact the seller or support for help.

●A few other users stated that the shoe is heavy and uncomfortable contradicting the reviews of a lot other reviewers

●Many users have stated that a $160 price tag is too high and this is quite true to a rational person but fair considering the brand of the shoe . However the shoe prices are subject to change and it is always good to check the new prices of the shoe just to be sure.


Overall review of the Air Max Penny 1



Nike air max penny 1 is a great sports shoe and also a good one for casual wear, however it is also important for you to take note of some negative reviews from those who have bought the shoe and always make sure you buy from the real and legit sites to avoid getting imitations and fake shoes . Since some users claim the shoe is either too big or too small, the shoe’s fitness is an issue that needs some looking into and I’m sure if you buy from time tested sites or stores this will not be a problem as they can have you get another pair whilst you return the first. If you have wide feet you may want to make sure you get half a size bigger to avoid getting a size that is too tight and one that hurts.


Recommended for you



Another basketball shoe with a different making is Nike LeBron 16 released in September 2018. The shoe’s prices are high ranging between $185 and $200 and of course there are reasons why a sneaker would cost this much. I bet there is quality, durability, beauty attached to the price tag of the sneaker. It is a very nice shoe, one you can wear for your training or game or just as casual. You may be dressed down or up it does just fine. I’m sure you can tell from the pictures above that the shoe is good and also it is available in different colourways so there is a wide range of variety to choose from.


Users of the shoe have said the following



●Many buyers commented that the shoe is durable and I think it is just as good as any Nike shoe from a legit Nike store.

●A lot more said Nike LeBron 16 is light in weight and hence perfect for speed especially if you are a basketball player as the shoe was made with the players in mind.

●Majority of users says the shoe provides comfort and stability



●Some users say that the shoe takes time to break into when putting it on. I don’t know if this is really a disadvantage worth considering and to get the problem solved get yourself a low cut LeBron 16

●Other users stated that the shoe is quite expensive and to this I agree, you need to be quite financially stable but prices are subject to change and you may want to check their current price.


Nike’s LeBron 16 is a good sports shoe and also for casual. Many would like to try it on but the shoe’s price is chasing potential customers away as they resort to cheaper basketball shoes but of course the beauty, quality, durability etcetera won’t be the same.


How to clean your basketball shoes

A clean shoe lasts longer, clean your shoe regularly keep it new and shiny and you will not need to buy a new one soon. For dust, sand and grass just use a soft brush to gently remove it. To remove sticky dirt use a sponge dipped in water mixed with a cleaning detergent, and rub it off with a damp cloth then leave your shoes to dry. When cleaning the inner part of the shoe use the same method as with your boots (mix up some baking soda with warm water then dip a cloth into the solution, use the damp cloth to gently rub inside your shoe and leave it to dry). We hope you find the Nike Air Max Penny 1 suitable for you and hope to hear from your experience about this shoe’s overall performance.

Have a Nikey  day


12 Replies to “NIKE AIR MAX PENNY 1 : Reviewed, Reasons to buy and not to buy”

  1. These Nike Air Max Penny 1 shoes look really great! I have been searching for a perfect gift for my oldest grandson and these seem to fit the bill in every sense. The other grandkids are easier, but the oldest is now 23 and he is a picky young man to shop for.

    The shoe does have a lot of style to the look, and per the reviews, it is a comfortable fit. The price is also reasonable and my grandson can use them on the ball court as well as for every casual event too. All in all, this shoe represents exactly what I have been searching for. Heading to buy a pair now. Thanks and great review of these Nike Air Penny1 shoes!

    1. Thank you Dave 

      I’m sure your grandson will find this Nike to be real pretty and useful pair. I hope you get the best experience from the sneakers. 

  2. Hi, great review of Nike AirMax Penny 1. I am considering this product for my husband, even though he doesn’t play football, I just want something strong, well-padded and very durable.

    I am glad your review shows it is a product worth buying, even though I see some negative reviews, I don’t think they are so bad to make one not buy the sneakers.

    The only thing I am contemplating right now is the price, which I do agree with you, is a little on the high side.

    Guess I would have to work on my budget to either accommodate it or to get something cheaper.

    Thanks for this helpful review.


    1. Hello queen

      indeed the prices of the Nike Air max Penny are on the high side for any rational person but I have to say the price is quite worth it when you actually finally get one and if you are a Nike fan you will find this to be true.

  3. WOW, basically I like the nick brand,you review a best Penny 1 Nike. It make me frees. In my friend’s house, there are one nick shoes,its name is “Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5”, now only he bought.when I see your article it make me gain additional knowledge about the Nike air max penny 1.  And personally thanks for giving the recommender information


  4. Hi. If I wanted to get a Nike shoe, I always go for the beautiful, rugged and long lasting ones. Although I am not a basket ball player, I found these very good looking and stunning in casual wears.

    The truth is I love the Nike Air Max Penny 1. It is stylish and comes in different colours as seen from the screenshots. The pros are just enough for me to just do it (purchase one.)

  5. Nike is one of my favourite brand so far. As a singer, I find their products very attractive for outfits in shows.

    One thing I am majorly concerned with is durability, design (style) and price tag of the products. I am not surprised when I see those high price tags on Nike’s shoes. I think they worth those prices. What do you expect for a quality shoe?

    Best regard!

    1. True Vwegbah you will really find out that these shoes and brand are worth the price tag of you are going to buy them.from a legitimate supplier

  6. Hi Donald, 

    Do I take it that the Le Bron 16 is a lot better then the Nike that you are suggesting. I would also greatly appreciate if you could display the current pricing of both, as this will give us comparison right away. Would also greatly appreciate if you could suggest and recommend cheaper but good alternatives

    1. Hello Rajesh the prices that we mention in the review are not constant and subject to change so to avoid over pricing you may have to look them up at Nike.com or Amazon and I think the penny 1 is better especially if you may want to use it for casual wear as well.

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