Nothing makes your hiking adventure more exciting than a good boot. Feel steady and comfortable with Nike’s acg air max goaterra. It is also a great warm choice on cold days. The shoe was released in 2016. Nike air max goaterra 2.0 can stand any cold weather or harsh conditions. It is a man’s shoe designed with leather and metal and is well recommended for hiking. This is a very durable man’s shoe with perfect cushioning and very breathable.

We have spent some time going through what those who have bought the shoe have had to say about this particular Nike. I think overall this is a good shoe and I for one am totally in love with this Nike. Hey most importantly, make sure you choose the right colour for you and the one that suits what you want the shoe for.  Users of the shoe have said the following



●Many users have said the shoe looks good. The rugged look of the shoe is what I like most about it and I’m sure you will also find this lovable about the shoe.

●Numerous users commented that the shoe’s water resistant feature keeps their feet warm and dry. Yep, the shoe is water resistant just in case I had not mentioned that and this helps keep you warm in the snow.

●Other users have noted that the shoe is very easy to clean. With the material used all you have to do is wipe the shoe and you are good to go.

●A number of users stated that the boot is well cushioned and light weight so don’t if You are  judging the shoe’s weight by the outward look you are mistaken, Nike is good when it comes to making light shoes so the weight won’t weigh you down a bit.

●One thing that people always complain about when buying anything online is the issue of shoe size. The majority of buyers said that the shoe is true to size

●The shoe has been commented by many as durable, others saying they have had their pair for over two years and I’m sure this is the main purpose of the shoe, to provide customers with durability so don’t stress the shoe won’t wear out easily.

●Some users stated that they wear the shoe all day at construction work and it is comfortable



●A few users said they had a hard time breaking the shoes in when putting it on and this looks true because it is not a low cut sneaker.

●A few other buyers said their pairs did not last but started falling apart within a short space of time contradicting what the majority has said so just make sure you buy from legit sites and don’t be too hard on the shoe.



Overall review of Nike air max Goaterra 2.0

Air max goaterra is a good boot and it blends in well with casual wear as well so if you thought this was a strictly work boot you were wrong, it all depends in whose  hands it is but I’m sure I wouldn’t use it as a boot for the garden or anything like that. With it your feet will not freeze and will not get wet either. There is value for your money on this one. This is a good boot especially for hard core labour and cold snowy areas they are perfect. Of course we should not forget that one thing people have liked about the shoe is the fact that it is durable  and can take in hard conditions.




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Quite similar to Nike’s acg air max goaterra is the air max goadome boot. When I think of the Goaterra there is no way I could avoid thinking of the Goadome. I’m sure if you are a fan of of the Goaterra there is nothing that could stop you from loving this recommendation.  Air max goaterra runs a little higher on its upper than air max goadome so if you like a high upper boot you can get the former and if you prefer a lower upper boot then the latter is preferable. A better choice would be getting both boots as they each add a different exquisite style to your wardrobe. Just like air max goaterra, many love the air max goadome boot and here are some of their comments.


●Users said it is a comfortable boot just like the Goaterra

●Users also said the shoe is lightweight despite the illusion you may have that it is as heavy as the outward  appearance.

●A lot of reviewers commented on how they appreciate the shoe’s water proof aspect that keeps them warm and dry even in the snowy places and seasons.

●Users have said the boot is easy to put on and off and I’m not going to give any opinion on that but it does make sense since the shoe isn’t as high in cut as the Goaterra.



●A complaint about this shoe is it’s price which some customers say is expensive even though I think for a legit Nike boot the price is quite on the fair side.

With a very few differences these boots are each as good as the other. I think when it comes the functionality  they all can be just as satisfying as the other. Its only a matter of what you would prefer especially on the appearance but the comfort, the durability, the warmth and all is just about the same. I also like the fact that they are both easy to clean also taking into consideration that they are all made to take in lots of dirty works.


How to clean your boots

Nike’s boots are easy to clean only if you know how but don’t  worry it is nothing that hard. Wear your boots with socks to avoid sweating, if your feet sweats and cause your boot to smell mix up some baking soda with warm water then dip a cloth into the solution, use the damp cloth to gently rub inside your shoe and leave it to dry and that will sort out the smell. For outer cleaning use damp cloths, and be sure to always have leather sprays to keep your boots in good condition.


Rounding up

If you are looking for a rugged yet stunning casual shoe, work boot, easy to clean, warm shoe then the Nike Air max Goaterra 2.0 will be a good shoe and for another alternative do consider the Goadome it is just as perfect. I hope you find this to be real helpful in finding the perfect boot from Nike for you.

Have a Nike day

22 Replies to “Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0 : Reviewed, reasons to and not to buy”

  1. An excellent in-depth post about a new Nike product. I was especially interested because in the Spring and Summer months I head out to the mountains for fly-fishing. It’s pretty tough going along the shores of most rivers and running shoes may be comfortable, but they are not really suited for such rough terrain.

    I would be a bit concerned that these boots would not hold up as one of your reviews stated(they started to come apart) and as I said, they would be really put to the test in the backcountry.

    I would have to study this further before actually buying a pair as I would also be concerned that they would be too hot to be wearing in the summer. On the other hand, I work in a warehouse that requires work boots or shoes with steel toes. Not sure if these have steel toes or not.

    1. Hello Ray

      Sure thing when it comes to summer these boots may prove to be quite hot and no they do not have steel toes. If you are looking for boots that have steel toes you may want to look for something else.

      The boots may prove to give in to the hard conditions as time goes on but they are durable and can last long under normal hard work conditions.

  2. I didn’t even know that Nike was making boots until coming across your review. So first of all, thanks for that! I’m wondering if they market the Goaterra 2.0 as primarily a winter boot? Is it good for hiking in snow or snowshoeing? Or are they primarily made for casual wear around town when the weather gets colder? If you had to choose an ideal day for wearing these boots, what would the weather look like on that day? Thanks! 

    1. Hello Tucker 

      The boot is most recommended for cold weather and rough dirty works and casual is good too but you just have to know the kind of clothing that would fit the boot.

  3. I didn’t know that Nike did a hiking boot!  These look freaking amazing!  That said, as some customers complained about, I am sure they are UBER pricy.  Nike shoes are often pricy.  I can’t even imagine what the boot would cost.  But you do tend to get what you pay for and Nike has always delivered quality tennis shoes, which I’ve loved for years.  They usually last too.  I’ll have to check the boot out because I’m looking for a pair of comfortable boots that can handle walking around the barns, without getting my feet wet.  I wonder if they’re easy on the feet?  That’s usually my issue with boots, as I walk for miles each day.  Anyway, thanks for the idea!

  4. I think my boyfriend would love a pair of Goaterra or Goadome, it’s hard to decide for me which one is better though. I like the look of Goaterra more (and I think he would love it also) but I’m afraid that it’s high upper boot and it might be uncomfortable to wear compared to the lower Goadome. Hard choice really!
    I appreciate you’re advising on how to clean the boots and remove bad smell from sweating, it’s good advice! I’ve never known that baking soda could help with that.

    1. Hello Lenka. I personally think the Goadome will be better for your boy friend and either shoes you pick I’m sure he will be really grateful because the brand itself is outstanding.

  5. I used to go on week-long hikes in the Alps, and I agree that it’s very important to have the right hiking shoes. Nike is a good brand and it looks like they did not disappoint with the Goaterra. The shoes look sturdy and what I like is that they’re lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing blocks on your feet. I prefer the design of the Goaterra shoes, but the boots also look good. Water resistance is essential, I remember the times I walked over gletchers on mountains. Luckily, I always had good boots, so I am glad that Nike incorporated everything that’s necessary for hiking shoes in the Goaterra. I haven’t gone hiking in years, but when I do so again, I think I’d get the Nike Goaterra.

    1. Dear Christine the Nike Goaterra is also good and recommended for hiking. Sure make sure you get these I too am in love with them. When you eventually get back to your hiking thing don’t forget to pick the right size and male sure you buy from a legitimate site as well.

  6. Hi Donald. Thank you for sharing your review of Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0. Sincerely speaking, from looks alone, I have fallen in love with this air max. It’s beautiful, elegant and captivating.

    I love the fact that it is very strong (although some complaints about it being weak anyways; I think they’re either too hard on it or maybe they got a fake one).

    Best regards!

  7. I love to work outdoors in my backyard garden and need to find a good easy to clean shoe that is comfortable but also water proof.  It looks like Nike Air Max Goaterra fits those requirements.  In addition I love the ultra rugged look which is why I will probably grab a couple pair of these.  Thank you for helping me find good outdoor work shoes. 

  8. If I need to purchase a shoe, I usually go for the one that is rugged, beautiful and long lasting at the same time. Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0 seems to have every features I always wanted in a pair of shoes. Although people think it is expensive, I wonder the price they’d expect such a quality shoe to be sold.

    You have done a really nice review, thanks.

  9. shoes are my addiction.. nike sneakers are awesome there is almost no issue with the boot whatsoever. the rough feeling of the goaterra boot is overwhelming and it is so comfortable on the inside. although the nike sneakers is breathable, i think after a long period of time, it becomes hot inside causing sweat and thereby smelling.

    1. Very true Benjamin. To avoid the bad smell that may arise you may want to refer to the baking soda and salt solution that we have included in the review just before the end of the article. Thank you for stopping by.

  10. hi. i believe nike boot are the best you can fin anywhere. i have a nike boot and i can testify that the boot is easy to put on and off and. the goadome boot seems to be more friendly than the Goaterra.the only concern is the price in the market… nike boots are usually expensive, escpecially on ebay and amazon.

  11. i agree with you there. nike shoe is one of the best you can find around because it is comfortable and long lasting.. i think there are other brands that still meets up with consumer demands like adidas and puma. if you were to pick between all three, which would you prefer? and is there any other brand that you would recommend?

    1. Hello Dulapo

      Sure these are  not the only long lasting and durable boots and there are others that may prove to be more durable and at times these may also come with high prices but overall the Nike boots are 100% competitive and most recommended for those that are a fan of the Nike brand

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