There has been versions of the Air max over the years with the latest one Nike air max 270 flyknit having been released in May 2018. Air max 270 flyknit is a combination of the Air max 180 and the Air max 93. It is an upgrade version of its predecessors with the main differentiating feature being its heel which stands 3.2 centimeters high, very high. The making of the heel is also the namesake as the shoe is named after the 270 degrees protruding heel.

The sneaker is available in colours suiting men and women both, you will find it in black, yellow, orange, guava ice, sky blue, navy, grey, pink, red, red sepia. The list is long and you will definitely pick a pair in the colour of your choice. The air max 270 flyknit is the kind of shoe you can put on despite what sort of clothing you may be wearing, it is quite a universal suitor.

It has been over a year since the release of Air max 270 flyknit but it is still ranking as high as new. Since everyone wants to look good how you make your choice when it comes to footwear matters a lot and this particular sneaker is adorable just to look at.


If one is going to buy a pair then they might be interested in knowing the following:

●Some reviewers are so happy with the sneaker saying that the heel provides additional comfort

●Another happy reviewer said that their air max 270 flyknit was so easy to put on, emphasizing that the strings are well fixated

●Other customers are also satisfied with the shoe’s air component because it makes it light in weight

●A reviewer described the sneaker as amazing, comfortable and that it fits as they had expected

●So far Nike’s air max 270 flyknit has the tallest heel and many loves it just for this feature


One may not want to buy a pair of the 270 flyknit because of the following reasons:

●A disappointed reviewer pointed out that the shoe sizes are different from the “other shoes”

●The $170 price of the sneaker has been reviewed by many a people as way too expensive

To avoid getting disappointed by Air max 270 flyknit or any other sneaker, find out the difference in sizes (if any) between the current shoe and your usual then select a pair that fits you perfectly. Make no mistake you don’t want to compromise when it comes to shoes. Likewise, let the colour choice be the one you favour the most, something colourful is never a bad thing but it might become such if you do not choose wisely.


Is it worth it?

The bottom line is Nike airmax 270 flyknit is a wonderful shoe and so it is no surprise that this shoe is getting 5 star ranking from those who have bought it. If you are a person who likes height or heels then you will definitely feel good putting this one on. The price is high yes but the sneaker’s leather layering provides durability and i believe that a long-lasting pair is worth it. You can wear it with a pair of socks or not it still feels comfortable.


Can i get it any cheaper?

Well, if you want to get the Air Max 270 flyknit at a cheaper price it depends on what size you want to get. There are sites that do sell imitation 270 flyknit sneakers but they definitely won’t be as good as you would find them at Nike or Amazon or any other legit store online or local ones. If you want to get this flyknit cheaper at Nike then you may have to go for the older kids or teens sizes because Nike charges lower process for the youngsters.

They are just as good but can only accommodate those who have smaller feet especially the ladies and that way you can save as much as 30 to 50 bucks. You should a;slo make sure you calculate well which size you should get because the size 6 for the teens is different from that of the women and also both are different from those of the men so you will have to get a larger size. For more detail just drop in a comment and we will get back to you.


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Nike Air Max 270 React Bauhaus


The beautiful piece of art above is called the Nike Air Max 270 React Bauhaus and it is a 2019 release. I bet this looks better than the amazing 270 flyknit which we have just been talking about and this is one of the most glorious and pretty Nikes that the company has made as at date of review. The 270 react Bauhaus is going for $150 under normal conditions and prices are subject to change as well but nothing significant.


What customers have said;

No doubt that those who buy this art work are mainly seduced by the beauty but this is not all that Nike has installed on the sneaker. Reviewers have shown great appreciation for the comfort that comes along with the beauty and also the quality of the material used is as always durable and the shoe can last longer than you may expect.

of there ever is going to be a negative review that would be maybe from one that hasn’t bought from legit online stores as there are quite a lot of them too. Otherwise if you want to get real good comments and get glares on your feet these would be the perfect sneakers for you because reviewers have already confirmed this as well and with so much colour you can accommodate quite a number of your outfits with this react Bauhaus. They are available for both men and women.



Back to the 270 Flyknit, as far as i can tell it will be a long time before these are looked down upon if they are ever going to be looked down upon. If you are looking for some sexy sneakers for your casual wear they are perfect and you won’t be disappointed. If you have more questions please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. HAVE A NIKE DAY.


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  1. Great article. These are some really impressive looking shoes. I’m not too keen on the look of the Flyknit, but the Air Max looks incredible. All I have to do is save up $150 and justify a cool looking comfortable pair of quality shoes for someone who lives a rather sedentary lifestyle. My kids, on the other hand, would go really well for these shoes. Thank you for the article!

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