By bringing together the twentieth century’s Nike air max 97 and Nike air max plus the Nike air max 97 plus shoe was designed. It is a running shoe first released in April 2017. It is available in over a dozen colourways and it’s air unit is great. It is quite expensive with prices ranging between $140 – $175.


Consumer reviews


●Most users pointed out that it is a well ventilated shoe

●A lot of reviews stated that the shoe is true to size

●There is a lot of colourways to choose from



●The shoe is narrow, it takes some time to break in said some users



About the predecessors


Nike Air max 97

Nike Air max 97 is a running shoe first released in 1997. The designer drew ideas from fast Japanese training and originally designed the air max 97 to give runners a faster run. It is still in existence, on the market, ranking high, re-releasing and looking good. The shoe is an expensive one. In August 2017 Nike air max 97 released again at a $160 price tag. Nike air max 97 is a great shoe.


Nike Air max plus

Nike Air max plus was also first released in 1998. The making of the shoe was inspired by a beach view. It is a very grippy sports shoe and it latest release also going for a $160. On a shoe scale it is a good choice. However there were few complains from some users about the shoe having not lasted long.


Notable improvements on current shoe

A single improvement from predecessors is good enough but four, well that’s a knockout. Nike air max 97 plus really did it, becoming a better shoe than it’s predecessors have ever been. Price is always taken into consideration when choosing a shoe. By setting a price cheaper than air max 97 and air max plus, the air max 97 plus can drive users from its predecessors towards it. In short, Nike air max 97 plus is more breathable, cheaper, durable and comfortable than both it’s predecessors. Some reviewers made it known that they prefer the appearances of the predecessors to the current shoe. Having analysed as much as possible it is evident that the shoe is not just a combination of two shoes but also an upgrade. Overally I would rate the shoe as excellent.





Nike Basketball PG 3

Features and Pros

-Nike basketball PG 3 has a traditional adjustable lace up system

-It is high heeled and bouncy, providing flexibility during movements. If you are looking for a good basketball shoe you can test it.

-The shoe’s price is $82.97. It has met mixed responses, some say it is affordable while others say it is expensive.

-It has an arch support

-Most users said it is comfortable

-Has a modern look and looks good when dressed as casual

-A few users said it is durable

-It has been commented as lightweight

-A handful of users said it is breathable

-Nike basketball PG 3 is easy to clean and maintain



-Others argue that the shoe is not so durable



Nike’s basketball PG 3 is a nice shoe. Although the price is a little above moderate it is half the price of other sneakers and this is a reason you may want to consider getting a pair. With its bouncy flexible feature this shoe is a performance improver. Bouncing gives the trainer additional speed. Turning and jumping is much easier than when wearing solid heeled shoes with no bouncing effect.


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