Hello and welcome to this overall review of Nike air max 270 react Bauhaus, a 2019 Nike sneaker for casual and one of the best of the best of what Nike has had to offer over the years. In short, if you get one of this you wont be disappointed with this beautiful piece of artwork. Let’s take a look at what buyers have had to say about this one and don’t forget to leave your views too in the comments section.  

Reasons to Buy

  • Nike has a lot of pretty sneakers but this is just one of the prettiest and definitely and outstanding design and this is why you won’t get serious complaints
  • durable, there don’t seem to be any complaints in terms of quality
  • clearly these are colourful but not just colourful but in a beautiful way
  • these air max have been made to make the buyer feel real comfortable so much that there isn’t a single complaint when it comes to comfort
  • perfect and definitely will match multiple clothes from your wardrobe, they can accommodate so much colour.
  • simply amazing most reviewers have been greatly amazed by the comments from the public when they have these amazing sneakers on


Reasons not to buy

  • not much negativity has come from the reviewers except one complaining of the quality that everyone else seems to be happy about. (make sure you buy from legit sites.)


About Nike Air Max React 270 Bauhaus

Nike’s air max dates back to 32 years ago when the air max was first designed. Therefore Nike’s air max 270 react bauhaus is a product of redesigns and combinations. The incredible design on the sneaker can make you wonder if it is a piece of painting and not footwear. Nike’s airmax 270 react bauhaus is an amalgamation of the air max silhouette and the react foam cushion. It is an artistic sneaker and much credit is given to a school of art from which great inspiration in designing the shoe was drawn from. So many colours are integrated in one piece in such a manner that they fit into each other as if they are one. It takes great artistry to combine six colours white, red, black, gold (or yellow), blue and green to make a shoe.  

Price ( subject to slight change)

The sneaker which was released on the third of July 2019 is going for $150. It is high in demand on the market and Nike’s highest income earner for 2019. The art embedded in the shoe is a marketer on its own and the shoe does not need justifications of any kind the reviews from customers say it all, it is knockout. Many have hailed the new sneaker for the reason that it is different and the art on the sneaker makes it a different line altogether. Without hesitation I would urge anyone to buy their own pair of the sneaker.  


In terms of product quality Nike’s air max 270 react bauhaus possesses the uniqueness in its layers, the inner layer being covered by colours on the outer layer which not only are decorative but protect the inner part of the shoe. Combining the air max silhouette and the react foam cushion provides extra comfort. Uniqueness alone is a great quality that nothing can compete with and right now air max 270 react bauhaus is the current alien on the sneaker market.  


On the matching part I would suggest plain outfits to go with the sneaker since there is already a lot of colour. Any outfit with the colour on your 270 react Bauhaus is a perfect match too, any more on the part of the clothing might ruin everything. However if you you are not a big fan of colour blocking then this one is out of your league. One does not always need to dress inorder to keep up to date but to feel good as well. If you hate too much colour Nike react element 55 is not as colourful as air max 270 react bauhaus but the shape is a look alike so you can try and get one for yourself.  


Also we all know Nike as our sportswear provider but this one is strictly casual, sports may just make them last a lesser longer than they should so if you want a sneaker for sports i would recommend one other than this one, like Nike Air VapourMax plus. Overally, the sneaker is some nice footwear and liked by many. Still new on the market and ranking high. This has shown that people love a touch of art on their shoe, perhaps we will see more of these artistic footwear on release. Don’t forget to get a pair from legit online stores to avoid scam disappointments.  

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Nike’s Air Max 270 Flyknit was released in May 2018 and despite the number of new releases from Nike the sneaker has still managed to remain one of the hottest and trending sneakers that Nike has managed to provide and that is no doubt as a result of the work and good art work that was put into it’s making. Despite the simplicity and limited colour on the piece it is just one charm you may want to get for yourself and you definitely will get a lot of comments when you put on this beauty. The Flyknit is available in different colours and is also available for both genders. Those who have managed to buy the Air Max 270 Flyknit are very glad they did because the shoe is not only good on looks but one of the most comfortable, light too and also will add you some extra height if you need some. The only concern comes to the price of the shoe, some reviewers have complained that the shoe is quite too expensive and under normal conditions would go for as much as $170. However prices are subject to change and you may get this for less than 100 bucks so if in love with this one you may want to check it out on Nike store.   Cheers

2 Replies to “NIKE AIR MAX 270 REACT BAUHAUS : Reasons to/not to buy”

  1. Hi! I really like these sneakers. They’re great for using them with casual clothing and I really like the color combination. I can make them match with quite a few outfits. Nike’s quality is always high and in my book the price is affordable. Summing up, these sneakers are simply outstanding! I want them. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hello Henry nice choice and as you have already heard the are some of the best Nike sneakers as at date of review.  Glad you liked them and I hope you do get yourself a pair. I wish you a Nike day

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