Hello guys and welcome to this review of some of the hottest Nike sneakers you shouldn’t forget to check out. Nike has always been the best when it comes to sneakers but these have totally managed to stay on top despite the stiff competition the market has been facing. Here is a look at some of Nike’s latest and outstanding sneakers. Let’s take a sneak peek at the brand’s most trending Nikes, keep you updated and make sure you are aware of these beauties.


Nike Air VapourMax Plus

Did I jut say plus? Yes, sir. This definitely has got to be outstanding in a way and Nike didn’t disappoint here. Having been only 2 months on the market Nike’s air VapourMax plus has sold a lot. How can a simple sneaker sell out as much? Well I will answer that for you, it’s because it’s “simple”, gives comfort and is classy at the same time. Given it’s simple but strong design its not suitable as sportswear only but is a stunning hit in fashion too. If you want to know what others who have bought air VapourMax plus think about it, great concern goes on the shoe being too noisy in a quaky way and if you have quite a wide foot you may need to get at least half a size bigger because they are quite narrow. Perfect in terms of comfort and clearly stunning in looks and durable too. Don’t forget to make sure you buy from legit sites.

Nike Roche One

Early in 2019 another Roche one was released. For your casual footwear to work Nike’s Roche one is the appropriate wear. It can be worn with trousers or shorts and is very comfortable. A few pairs of Roche ones can take your wardrobe to another level, imagine a black, a white and brown pair of Roche ones all in your wardrobe serving either formal or casual purposes, then it’s like owning six pairs for the price of three. Definitely not one of the right latest Nike sneakers to use for sporting activities, they are not the most durable for such activities but can last you a good long time as casual wear.


Nike Air force 1 flyknit


I have seen so many questions and inquires whether Nike has a party kind of footwear. The answer is yes and air force 1 flyknit is here to make you look the part. Ladies and gentleman don’t hangout and feel out of place, get yours and you will never go wrong. This Nike is durable and as you can tell from the looks real comfortable too and takes the shape of the wearer. A feel people have complained that it is too narrow if you have quite a wide foot however the shoe is going for 4.7 star review and that is super fabulous, the crowd likes this one and it goes for $87 of course subject to change in price.


Nike Air Precision II FlyEase

Ladies who love sports this is the real deal. Air precision II is a female sports sneaker that is extra wide, weight free, making it easy to move, run or jump. It is available in gray and black, not only is it appropriate it is pretty as well. Nike’s air precision is also perfect as an indoor footwear for those days you want to spend at home. The shoe is a basket ball shoe and if you love dribbling in the court yard this is the perfect shoe for you if you like the out look of it. It isn’t so expensive other.


Nike lunar force 1 duckboot

Preferences differ with taste some like their sneakers low others like theirs high. The lunar force 1 duckboot is a high made sneaker with shoestrings all up the boot, because of it’s height best wear it with some socks. Any colour is available and it is available for both men and women. Basically on the reviews lunar force 1 duckboot has satisfied boot lovers.



As we venture into new trending fashion some 5 star old version shoe styles seem to be forgotten. Now here is M2K tekno released in April 2018 you could call it a remaking of the twentieth century sneakers now made with modern alterations but not eroding the original sneaker. Unbeatable when it comes to durability and also comfort. Available at an affordable price, hurry while stocks last.


LeBron soldier XIII

Some people just don’t like tying shoe strings but don’t let that keep you away from wearing sneakers. LeBron soldier XIII is one of Nike’s latest few stringless sneakers available in eight colors including green, blue, white and nude. Simple as it is to wear it is only appropriate as casual wear, it cannot qualify as sportswear because it is way too open and not as formal wear either it does not have the shape. The sneaker was released 3 months ago on 1st July 2019.


Nike Air Max Goadome

If you are tired of making losses buying shoes time and again don’t worry Nike has got something sorted out for you. Hiking, hunting or walking through the muddy rain I’m not saying be destructive but this is quite one sneaker that can take in more than you can imagine. Nike’s air max Goadome was designed to cater to withstand any harsh conditions, with it you do not need to worry about packing an extra pair it is the strongest and most durable, definitely worth it’s price. The outer part is water proof hence its easy to clean. It is hardly a sportswear not the best casual shoe you can get. The comfort is unexplainable and the shoe is perfect when it comes to keeping you warm in the snow.


Nike Air max Goaterra

Winter is always coming, why not start saving right now for a pair of Nike’s Goaterra. So thick and warm oh don’t fret it’s not heavy at all, the designer definitely had the people in mind when they made this one. As big as it looks it is very light you can hardly feel you are wearing anything and not forgetting to thank Nike for the warmth it provides. I would say it is too cheap for its kind but why not, Nike is as generous, check your size and when it comes to colour you may be very limited. Hurry and get yours this one is running for around 90 bucks.


Nike Air force 1 low

Look the part this summer with this sneaker, years after release and still refuses to be outshined. Are you classy and love to look glamorous, ladies this is it and I am quite confident when I say Nike has really tried to make this 1982 sneaker pretty over the years. It is not most appealing in white, can be pretty when in various colours like the one on the picture provided and can be worn with a pair of skinny pants, a short dress or a long one, it literally fits into any combination of dressing. It isn’t only for the ladies but good for the gents too. For only $110 you can purchase your own pair in store or online and some legit sites sell it for around 50 but colour and quality always determines the price of an item.


It may be prudent to conclude that any Nike sneaker is as good as the other Nike sneaker. The only difference being that each particular shoe is appropriate for a particular or few occasions, season, location, purpose or any other activities that you are involved in. What sneaker to wear also depends on which clothes you are wearing, if you are obsessed with a particular Nike’s footwear be sure to find out which clothing best goes along with it. The few sneakers discussed in this article are a clear indication that the sneakers are getting better in every way. Check our site for more recommendations on the latest Nike sneakers to consider and suggestions.


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  1. I love these Nike trainers, in fact I suffer with Plantar Fasciitis so it’s important for me to have adequate cushion under my heel, and I would really love the Nike Air Max Goadome, I simply must get me a pair of those, do you have a direct link so I can get more details and purchase online please, thank you for sharing this post. 

    1. Hello Russ
      Currently you may check the sneakers at for legit ones and we are currently working on having links on the site.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Right from my young age, I’ve loved Nike, I prefer it to any other designer Snickers because of the comfortability and beauty they give. You’ve really got pretty nice Snickers here, very beautiful and of good quality. I love almost all of the snickers in this article but my favorite is Nike Air VapourMax Plus, I like the shape and the gallant nature it has. Please do you have a direct purchase link where I can buy some of these snickers?? If you do, kindly drop it for me. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jones, you really have a great test I can see that. Vapour max plus is also one of my favourites and real loveable too. Will work on having direct links sooner. Legit sneakers available at

  3. Wow, I’m so much in love with all the snickers in this post, I’m a kind of person that loves wearing big Snickers with strong and high soles and I’ve been wearing Nike snickers for long. I believe they produce the best snickers and they have the best quality amongst all others. I like Nike Air Max Goadome, the sole is high and the design is a beauty. I’ll get one as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this article, it’s really useful.

    1. Hey King. The Goadome is a good one I like it too. Make sure you get your self a pair for sure. Good luck and thanks for stopping by

  4. Nice article, I found it well structured and informed! Where is the men’s category, couldn’t find it. I understand the site is possibly under construction? The review is particularly useful! The cheapest NIKE sneakers guide too! In a more stylistic point of view, I love the main NIKE image but if you can find a less pixelled one that’d be great. I believe your site has the potential to be a good one. I felt like I can trust you. Good job so far.

    1. Hello Panos

      The men’s category will be up real soon and thank you very much for the tips, it’s appreciated and will work on that too.

      Mainly focused on giving readers the best and honest information they can find and glad you felt you could trust this.

      Thank you

  5. This is a great compilation of Nike’s latest sneakers. Usually, I am not a sneaker person, I love going with simple flat shoes but unfortunately due to continuous tendon stretch, my doctor has recommended I stick to snickers and here comes my woes…

    I had to look up the best and appropriate ones that will soothe my purpose and I must confess I am loving what Nike has to offer here.

    I already fell in love with this  Nike Air Precision II FlyEase and the two set of Air Force 1 selection, they feel great just looking at them.

    I guess I will take the time to decide wish ones to start with.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s been really helpful.


    1. Hello Queen, Nike is just the perfect sneaker brand for queens and you will definitely like the durability, comfort and beauty offered by these sneakers. Be sure to get your self some and get Nike days ahead of you.

      Thank you

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