Sometimes you can save and look good at the same time. For that tight budget of yours Nike has very affordable sneakers on sale. Find out how little you can pay for that sneaker you have been longing to add to your wardrobe. Below are some of the most affordable sneakers currently on sale and you can add on to this least of some of the cheapest Nike sneakers. Please note the prices are subject to slight changes may be for the better.


Nike free RN 5.0

The Nike free RN 5.0 was made for athletes participating in short distance runs. It is a very low shoe with no rubber at it’s bottom hence it is tighter than other shoes. Pairs are available for men only. Free RN 5.0 was released on March 19,2019, and is priced at $54.38.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●Many users commented on how the shoe allows flexible movement

●A few reviewers stated that they find the shoe quite easy to wear

●The tightness of the shoe is appropriate for running according to some users

You may not want to buy a pair because:

●Most customers have complained about the shoe having short shoe strings

●Others claim that the shoe is not comfortable and cannot be worn for the whole day

●Some reviews described the shoe sizes as not up to the usual standard therefore emphasis on making adjustments was made

-Athletically speaking Nike free RN 5.0 is a nice shoe and mostly appreciated for how flexibly it moves with the wearer allowing stability.


Nike Air force 1 ’07 LV8 3 Realtree

In 2019, the sneaker was released on January 4. Nike air force 1 was specifically designed for outdoor dressing and is currently available for men only. The shoe has an affordable $59.98 price tag on it and thus making it one of the cheapest Nike sneakers on the market.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●Quite a number of purchasers complimented the shoe for its durability

●Most customers said the sneaker is very comfortable

●Other users mainly like the shoe because of its higher heel

●The shoe was described as a perfect size fit by a number of buyers

-Overally the making of the shoe consisted of some high quality materials, which stands proof of the shoe’s quality and durability.


Nike shox R4

The sneaker is well-known as stable footwear during training as well as being very expensive, but the expensive part has changed. The sneaker is available on clearance sale for only $78.38 from the original price of $140 which saves you $61.62.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●The majority of consumers said Nike’s shox R4 is very comfortable and smooth

●Some buyers stated that the shoe is same size as any other

●Other consumers commented that the shoe is colorfully beautiful

●A reviewer stated that they loved the sneaker’s narrowness because there was no need to tie the laces

●Another consumer mentioned that they wore the sneaker to work every day and even concluded saying it was Nike’s best work shoe

●A happy user recommended the sneaker saying it is a very good product

You may not want to buy a pair because:

●Nike shox R4 is somehow too tight as stated by some users

-The Nike shox R4 is a nice gym shoe and most trainers like it.


Nike Cortez Basic

For only $43.98 you can walk home with your own pair of Nike’s cortez basic.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●Many buyers commented the shoe for its light weight

●It is an inexpensive pair

●The sneaker is “comfortable for all day wear” consumers have happily complimented

●Other buyers say it looks nice

You may not want to buy a pair because:

●A handful of reviews stated that despite the shoe’s affordable price it is very scarce in store and they cannot acquire it even though they can afford it

-How can a sneaker adored by consumers as Nike’s cortez basic be in short supply? This one has got everyone wondering.


Nike Air max 90 leather

The $57.58 sneaker is available in store.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●Many have said the shoe is comfortable

●Other buyers like it because of the heel

●It is easy to clean and maintain according to other reviewers

●Some mentioned that the shoe does not wear out easily and they are satisfied with it’s outstanding durability

You may not want to buy a pair because:

●There have been complains that the shoe weighs heavy

-Nike air max 90 leather has met positive responses in terms of everything else but it’s heavyweight has been a huge setback.


Nike’s Tanjun

The sneaker is on sale for prices starting from $37.50, how cheap could any sneaker get.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●The sneaker nice cushioning that provides all day comfort

●Users like the sneaker for its lightweight

●It accommodates wider feet very well according to consumers

●Another consumer complimented the sneaker’s flexibility

-Nike’s tanjun for men and women is a good sneaker and one very affordable.


Nike huarache (for kids)

The Nike huarache started back in 1991 and has been on the market ever since then. If you still love that old school look for your kids the huarache for kids is still on sale. The current Nike huarache for kids is going for an affordable $46.98.

You may want to buy a pair because:

●A number of reviewers like the shoe’s light weight

●Other users have described the sneaker as adorable

●It would interest you to note that some said they only bought a pair because of the name (brand loyalty), it is a strong reason is it not

●Some users like the air feature on the sneaker which caters for maintaining cool temperatures even in dry heat

You may not want to buy a pair because:

●Some reviewers have mentioned that the shoe is not durable at all

-In the end Nike’s huarache for kids is liked by the majority of purchasers because it is very affordable



As is evident in this paper higher price does not always define high quality since we can note that lower price does not entail lower quality. The few nice quality and probably some of the cheapest Nike sneakers discussed in this section include old school and latest trends only waiting for you to get a pair.

6 Replies to “CHEAPEST NIKE SNEAKERS : Cheap nike sneakers to consider”

  1. Truth be told, i am very impressed with what i saw and i am already thinking myself of getting one of those beauties. The first on your list looks the best for me. I didn’t think that there could very good quality Nike sneakers for such a cheap price. As you have said, now i can get to save. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Why does the Nike huarache have to be just for little kids? Those things look awesome! I suppose I’ll have to settle for the Air Max, which looks really cool. Nike certainly has some snazzy and comfortable quality shoes. With Christmas getting closer, it’s nice to know what to be looking for. My kids are very picky about looks and comfort. Thank you for researching and sharing this information!

  3. This is exactly what I had been looking for, I have Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 which are on their last “legs”, not complaining, they have served me well and have gotten my money worth out of them.
    As the price of most brooks running shoes starts from $100, I was looking for something cheaper online when your site came up.

    The Nike air force 1 is not something I`ll go for even for the very friendly price tag, I don`t like the color.I love the Nike Tanjun, the price is right and I do love shoes that I can use for different purposes, running, walking or combine with jeans for work. They look light and also wide at the same time and to me, that means comfort.

    I also saw you included The Nike huarache they look great but I feel the soles are kind of bulky but must admit the price tag is tempting for me to get one for my son.

    thanks so much for explaining every pair so well and giving all the details that a potential buyer like me will not have the need to go look somewhere else.I`m only left wondering why you did not disclose the best place to buy, after reading such an informative post, I feel disappointed you did not lead me to the best place to buy.

    1. Thanks Roamy and I’m also certain most people wouldn’t go for the Nike air force 1, these aren’t the best sneakers to get either.

      will definitely start working on the best place of buy part , thanks for the tip

  4. The Nike Air force 1 ’07 LV8 3 Realtree will be my best pick from your list for its total awesomeness. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking id get something all this sleek from a list of cheap Nike wares. Truly, i will be able to save after getting these ones. I’m sure they’ll also come in different sizes so ill also be able to buy one for my kid sister. Thank you for sharing.

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