A running lifestyle is a healthy one. Mainly people run for three reasons: fitness, health and sport. Whichever one of these reasons you do it for you deserve a good running shoe for it. The majority of Nike running shoes for women bear feminine colours.

Nike has made dozens of female athletic sneakers in its various models and versions with some of these shoes ranking top of the list. These include short and long distance running shoes alike. This paper is not a ranking of Nike’s best running shoes for women but rather a guide into some of the brand’s finest female running shoes. Therefore, the shoes are laid down in no particular order and whichever looks best for you in this list is a good and recommended shoe for running.

A good athletic shoe among other things should have the following qualities. Combine these together and you will picture a good running shoe in your head so when you see it you will know.

Good Nike running shoes should be :

Flexible – For good and improved performance. You run better when the shoe adjusts to your every move, dip and turn. Any inflexible running shoe can drag you back or leave you in excruciating pain. So make sure you get a flexible shoe and flexible doesn’t imply weak sole and poor quality as you shall see in this list of the best Nike running shoes for women.

Comfortable – In terms of cushioning and fitness, go for a shoe with adequate cushioning and avoid under or over sized shoes or you will experience unnecessary pain like swollen feet or rubbed heels and resultantly under perform. Comfort is also determined by wearing the right shoe for the right run. Short distance running shoes are meant for short distance runs only. Short distance shoes are less strong than long distance ones and will wear out in no time if overused. Long distance shoes on the other hand can handle any running conditions.

Light weight – So that no runner energy is drained lifting heavyweight. A good running shoe’s weight must be as close to nothing as possible. Wearing a heavy shoe, slows you down and could cause you serious leg or feet problems in the future. Remember you will be running and the only weight worth lifting is yours and Nike Is quite a good brand when it comes to good quality with less weight.

Affordable – Buy a shoe that suits your budget, do not go out of your way. If you want a pair that is beyond your budget then take some time to save and good for you Nike also offers some cheap running shoes which are of good quality as well.

Good looking – Women like “lovely” things and certainly are not into less appealing shoes. The shoes in this paper do not only possess the innate qualities of a good shoe but also the outer quality, the pretty ones. You might want to get yourself a good-looking shoe that you can also wear as a casual shoe and Nike has quite a number of these.

1. Nike’s Trainer 7 cross

Is an affordable textile and synthetic made sneaker for female runners. It has been labeled as stylish by a lot of its users and the same has been commented on its fitness. The shoe is very durable and you can get a pair for as little as $75 and even lower than that, great price for a shoe of good quality, light and overally satisfying shoe to those who have bought it.


2. Nike’s Air zoom wildhorse 4

Is the female running shoe for rocky, uneven environments or harsh terrains. Air zoom wildhorse 4 has a strong grip and an under plate that protects the runner’s feet. It is a very flexible shoe you can move however you like whilst wearing it. The shoe’s price however has had users complaining, but they still buy indicating the shoe is worth it.

3. Nike’s LunarEpic Low flyknit 2

This one is Nike’s cold and rain weather running shoe with a waterproof feature for women. The shoe keeps you stable and comfortable throughout your run. Given the purpose it serves you might think it adds extra weight but the waterproof material is very light.

4. Nike’s Revolution 3

These female running shoes are designed to secure your feet from hurt upon any forced impact. They are comfortable and a perfect choice for marathon runs. Long distance runners have happily stated that the shoe is durable and affordable.

5. Nike’s Air zoom Pegasus 34

The Pegasus 34 running shoe is made of rubber and the cushioning is great and very comfortable. A review from a tendinitis patient who tried Air zoom Pegasus 34 on doctor’s orders says they worked pretty well.

6. Nike’s Flex experience run 8

The $48.75 women’s running shoe is constructed with leather and synthetic. Its inner fabric is very comfortable and you can even wear them without socks. It’s a slide through kind of shoe and most trainers like it because it’s easy to wear.

7. Nike’s Free RN flyknit

It is one of the most flexible women running shoes Nike has ever released. Its flexibility is most attributed to it’s weight which as commented by users is very light. Free RN flyknit is a great fit with sizes as similar to usual sizes. Most importantly the shoe’s design repels anything from getting trapped on the inside making it very comfortable.

8. Nike’s Viale

Nike’s viale women shoe is a light weight designed made for marathon runners. The shoe has a mesh providing ventilation to keep the runners feet cool on long runs. Like most, it is also synthetic and leather material. There are contradicting remarks on the shoe’s fitness as other users say the shoe is an exact fit while other users say the shoe is wider at the feet.

9. Nike’s air max sequent 4

Is a fabric made female runners shoe. The shoe’s durability has users on opposing claims, something that should probably be looked into to ensure all users are satisfied. According to their reviews users are satisfied with Air max sequent’s fitness and comfort.

Running keeps you healthy and fit but oh it’s tiring is it not. After that morning run, training at the gym, marathon, or sprinting through the woods you will need to rest and you will need an appropriate shoe. Nike’s benassi is a women’s slide specially designed for your relaxing moments. It is very comfortable and your feet gets all the air needed. It is a cheap shoe pegged at $25 a pair, currently it is available in eight colorways (bright colours) and I do hope you find a colour suiting your preferences.

Final say

Wrapping it all up on this short list of the best Nike running shoes for women I would say shoes play an important role in running, so be sure to make the right choice for yourself. When it comes to the choice of shoes Nike has always been a good brand and well recommended

Have a Nike day

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